July: A Month of Rehearsals!

Well, it’s official–I am now in rehearsals for THREE productions at one time! Eek! So far the balancing hasn’t been too bad, and it’s actually thrilling to be able to be spending so much time working. Lessons and Carols goes into tech in TWO WEEKS, Broadway Rising Stars will be over in only 10 days, and Abraham’s Daughters only has a month or so till opening. Things come and go so quickly here!

Our first rehearsal for Broadway Rising Stars was yesterday and I’m so, so excited. We learned our group numbers and got to hear some options for people’s solos; without a doubt it’s going to be one incredible night of performances. The show goes up Monday, July 19th at 8pm at Town Hall (123 W. 43rd St). Visit http://www.the-townhall-nyc.org/ for more details and ticketing information!

And once all this summer craziness is past, I’ll be heading into September to start rehearsals and prepare for the tour of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie with TheatreworksUSA! I’m thrilled to be taking part and experiencing my first national tour. Plus, one of the roles I get to play is Imogene, a girl who wakes up with antlers. How fun is that?

So despite the blistering New York heat, I’m feeling cool and ready for all the adventures coming my way the next few months!


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