Tour Beginnings and Schedule!

We are officially ON TOUR!

Left New York at 7am this morning and arrived in Smithfield, NC this evening!
Tomorrow we have 3 (yes, count em, 3) shows in Smithfield and on Tuesday we’ll head to Georgia.

Here’s the tentative schedule I know as far as destinations and showtimes:

Oct 5- Columbus, GA
Oct 7- 9:30 show, 11:30 show
Oct 8- 9:30 show, 7pm show
Oct 10- West Palm Beach, FL
Oct 11- 10:15 show, 12pm show
Oct 12- 10:15 show, 12pm show
Oct 13- 10:15 show, 12pm show
Oct 14- 10:15 show, 12pm show
Oct 15- 10:15 show, 12pm show, travel to Miami, FL
Oct 19- 10am show, travel to Daytona Beach, FL
Oct 20- 10am show, travel to St. Augustine, FL
Oct 21- 10am show, travel to Jacksonville, FL
Oct 22- 10am show, 12pm show
Oct 23- Ft. Pierce, FL
Oct 24- 2pm show, 4pm show, travel to Tampa, FL
Oct 25- 10:15 show, 11:45 show, travel to St Petersburg, FL
Oct 26- 10:15 show, 12:15 show, travel to Clewiston, FL
Oct 27- 9:30 show, 11:15 show, travel to Kissimmee, FL
Oct 28- Moultrie, GA
Oct 29- 10 am show, 12:30 show, travel to Perry, GA
Oct 31- Birmingham, AL
Nov 1- 10am show, travel to Montgomery, AL
Nov 2- 10am show, travel to Atlanta, GA
Nov 3- 10am show, 12pm show, travel to Montgomery, AL
Nov 4- Baton Rouge, LA

Already I am thrilled about being surrounded by friendly people and southern accents. And tonight, we dine at Cracker Barrel!!

So excited to be starting this wonderful adventure.

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