Tour greetings from sweet Alabama!

Wow, almost a full month on tour!

We have been so, so busy but I have really enjoyed this experience so far!

After spending about 3 weeks in the glorious sunshine of Florida, I was sooo ready to be back to fall weather and changing leaves! We’ve now been through North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, and by the end of this week we’ll be in New Orleans, Louisiana!

It’s amazing to see so many places and people I’ve never encountered before, but I certainly get homesick for New York a lot. I miss walking everywhere! And the comfort of my friends of course. But I’ll be home in a month and a half and I’m excited to get back to pounding the pavement. Lots of work to do!

Here’s the itinerary I have for the next leg of our tour. I’m still waiting on the last bit of it, where I’ll find out about any breaks in the city and the time we’ll be spending in Baltimore, MD, my home town!

NOV 5- Baton Rouge, LA 10am show

NOV 8-Lafayette, LA 10am show

NOV 9-Shreveport, LA 10am show

NOV 12- Dothan, AL 10am show

NOV 15-Owensboro, KY 9:15 show, 11:30 show

NOV 16-Mt Carmel, IL 9:30 show, 1:15 show

NOV 17- Hazelwood, MO10am show, 12:30pm show

NOV 18-10am show, 12:30pm show

NOV 19-10am show, 12:30pm show

NOV 21-2pm show

NOV 22-10am show, 12:30pm show

NOV 23-10am show, 12:30pm show

NOV 26-2pm show

NOV 27-2pm show, 6:30pm show

DEC 1-Bradford, PA 10am show, 12:30pm show

P.S. This photo is our Mouse/Cookie set in the beautiful Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, FL!
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