Thanksgiving greetings from St. Louis!


This year, I have about 10 million things to be grateful for. Beyond what should go unsaid (family, friends, health) I am so thankful to have a job, equity status, and the opportunity to bring the joy of theater to children all over the USA! Although I am sad to have spent my first thanksgiving away from my loved ones, the cast had an amazing Thanksgiving meal at RED at the Hyatt in downtown St. Louis, where we’ve been stationed for an incredible 10 day stay!! It even SNOWED, the perfect first snowfall of the season. 🙂
Since I last wrote, we’ve seen some of the most exciting places on tour and some of the smallest, quietest towns I’ve ever visited! With every new place we see, every new hotel we check into, I only become more and more eager to return to New York.
Thankfully (there’s that word again!!), our schedule permits us to spend many of our nights in December at home in NYC. I even get to spend my birthday (December 9th) at home with my best friends!! And in a mere 3 weeks from tomorrow, our tour will be finished and I will be back in the city for good to start pounding the pavement again! As scary as it is to be heading back without specific plans, I am trusting the universe that something will turn out, and am excited to be exploring all the new opportunities that come my way.
Plus, this is my absolute favorite time of the year, and Christmas is coming!! I hope everyone is feeling the spirit of the season they way I am.
Here’s the schedule for the last leg of the tour; I hope to see many familiar faces along the way, particularly at our shows at Paper Mill Playhouse in NJ and at Kraushaar Auditiorium in Baltimore, MD, my home town!!
Dec 3- 10am show, Millburn, NJ (Paper Mill Playhouse)
Dec 4- 10am show, Millburn, NJ (Paper Mill Playhouse)
Dec 5-2pm show, Bethlehem, PA
Dec 6-10am show, 12pm show, Dover, DE
Dec 7-10am show, 12:30pm show, Somerville, NJ
Dec 8-10:30am show, 12:30pm show, Baltimore, MD
Dec 9-10am show, Harrisburg, PA
Dec 10-9:30am show, Cedar Grove, NJ
Dec 13-10am show, Buffalo, NY
Dec 14-10am show, Binghamton, NY
Dec 16-10am show, Utica, NY
Dec 17- 9:30am show, Dix Hills, NY
Hope everyone’s holiday was wonderful, and enjoy the bliss of the season!!
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