The Audition

I have been going on SO many auditions over the past weeks, and it has been making me think a lot about the whole process and how bizarre and wild the thing is.

It’s exhausting. I wake up at 5:30am five mornings a week and stand in a line with dozens of other people, often outside in freezing temperatures, rain, and snow, and then once I get my card or time slot, I wait more, all the while trying to maintain my energy, warm up my body and voice, and stay focused so that I can be productive and do good work in the 2 minutes that I’m actually in the audition room. It’s a process that takes hours, and none of us are getting paid for it, and yet that’s my full time job right now. And every day I keep reminding myself that I have to do this to meet casting directors and that every time I audition I’ll get better and better at it, but some days it is hard to keep positive.

I’ve been reading Paul Russell’s Acting: Make it Your Business and it’s incredibly illuminating about the business of The Biz. I’m excited to see that I’m doing a lot of things right, and intrigued by some of the things I haven’t done yet and want to try soon. It’s important to remember that this is a journey, and that I’m only just beginning.

So, I try to remember: just keep swimming.


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