March! March! March!

Well so far, in the six days that March has held, we’ve had the warmest day of 2011 and a miserable rain storm. Ups and downs. What a familiar ride!

I am, as always, auditioning my butt off. Don’t get me wrong–I’m showing discretion and only going out for what I’m right for, but there seem to be a lot of breakdowns with 20-somethings who sing. I’m also trying to truck along with the agency search. It seems on both audition and agent fronts, there are just too darn many actors and not enough work. I guess that problem can only get worse as more people get out of school and try to make a career of this, but I can’t be hypocritical; I too am one of those just-outta-college-tryin-to-find-my-big-break-ers!

The good news is that, though no jobs have come in, I am getting good feedback at my auditions and feeling like I get more comfortable with my music and monologues every time. Now I just gotta hope for that job!

In the meantime, I’ve joined my dear friend Russell Peck for his senior Independent Project at the Experimental Theater Wing. He’s doing a production of “Streetcar Named Desire” and I’m thrilled at the chance to work on the incredible Stella. By no means is it a typical telling of “Streetcar” (I did say Experimental Theater Wing, afterall), and I know the process will be an adventure from start to finish, but it is always such a huge pleasure to work among friends. Laughing through rehearsal reminds me why I work so hard for what I do.

I’ve also been ushering frequently, and as always, St. Ann’s Warehouse has a brilliant production at present: “Beautiful Burnout,” a new show by the National Theater of Scotland and Frantic Assembly. NTS’s “Blackwatch” is still my favorite theatrical experience to date, and “Beautiful Burnout” is no disappointment. I’m going back to usher another 3 times before it closes!!

So, I’m off to go work on my southern accent and channel New Orleans. Where’s my jumbalaya?



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