Ahoy, April!

I always intend to update here more than once a month but of course time gets away from me and my to-do list is always too long. Things have been swimming along as always, auditions every week, a callback here or there, trying to keep up my positive attitude! It’s times like these that I have to actively remind myself how lucky I am to be where and who I am–there are so, so many things to be grateful for and I am living out my dreams!

It is exciting to watch my friends from NYU get ready to graduate and join me in “the real world;” I can’t wait to see what successes they find and support them through the times of stillness (boy do I know those well already!).  It’s also bizarre to realize it’s been almost one year since I left the safety and comfort of my undergraduate life. But I am proud to say I really have accomplished a lot in this year: I got to sing in Town Hall’s Broadway Rising Stars Concert, I did my first national tour, became an Equity member, and have gone on countless auditions!

Working on Streetcar with my NYU friends has also been an absolute joy and I look forward to continuing our process this month. The show will be going up in the Shop Theatre at Tisch April 27-30, and it seems like it’s going to be a big, exciting production. I can only hope that this is my first stab at Stella–I would love to be able to do this play again and again in the next 10 years!

Have some exciting auditions lined up for the next weeks, and looking forward to what they might bring. As always, I’ve got my fingers crossed, my chin up, and I’m looking out into the world!



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