May Days

Hello hello!

I am really loving the month of May so far–we’ve had beautiful, sunshiney Spring weather (finally!!) and I’ve been able to go on some great auditions. A lot of regional theaters are having their season EPAs around this time of year and its so fun to get to go in and just use material I love without trying to fit exactly ONE show or ONE character. And every audition I go to feels like a step up from the one before. Today I had my first-ever Broadway callback with a creative team and I had such a blast! It was very cool to see like, 15 people behind the table, and to know that I was being considered alongside some very talented, experienced, New York actors. I was also pretty proud that I had gotten there 100% on my own–I noted that all the other actors on the sign up sheets were with agencies, and while I can’t say I’m not jealous (I’m still hoping to sign with an agency in the near future) I was excited that I was in the pool with them despite lacking representation.

In the past months I’ve been called in more and more by big casting offices which is really exciting; I think my name is finally getting out there and I’m eager to see where I can take it from here. I’m getting ready to launch a new set of mailers out for my agency quest, and hopefully I’ll be able to save up some this summer and take some Actor’s Connection seminars and maybe even a class or two. I’m also getting started on a voiceover reel in the next few weeks, and have been walking around my apartment muttering commercial copy in various voices–my roommates will probably want to kill me soon!! But I’m trying to really get re-focused and continue to work my hardest to launch myself into this world wholeheartedly.

I’m also on a quest to see all the (or at least as many as I can afford to!) Tony nominated shows before the Tony Awards in June. Last week I was able to see The Normal Heart (INCREDIBLE! I was weeping.) and Jerusalem (UNBELIEVABLE! My hands hurt from clapping so loudly. Mark Rylance is truly a GENIUS) as well as one of my all-time favorites, Blackwatch by the National Theatre of Scotland at St. Ann’s Warehouse, my favorite venue in NYC. Hoping to catch Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo (written by an NYU professor of mine, Rajiv Joseph!) and Motherf***er with the Hat next, then onto the musicals I hope! So much to see, so little time…

Hoping May brings flowers and sunshine and a booking!


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