Swinging down Central Avenue!

We’re a third of the way through our run of Central Avenue Breakdown and I couldn’t be more thrilled about how things are going.

The show has fallen into a nice swing and instead of all the stress and anxiety that we were drenched in last week, there is joy and ease in our work (or, at least it feels that way to me!). I’m so grateful to be performing in this show at all, but to see it come together with costumes and set and lighting and to hear our unbelievably talented musicians behind us each night is truly an honor.

We’ve already got some great feedback from the industry, check out what these folks had to say:

JazzCollector.com, “This is really good theater, very well directed with some dazzling choreography, and worth your time if you are in the New York area.”

Laurie Lawson, “What makes CENTRAL AVENUE BREAKDOWN an outstanding piece of work is an extremely talented cast, fluid dream-like choreography by Christopher Windom, songs by Kevin Ray that move the plot along and develop the characters, and a candid glimpse of the inside world of jazz. A sultry seduction song (Black Monday), a chilling Woke Up Dead, and a haunting 99.9 are just musical cherries on top of this delicious treat.”

and Backstage, “It’s the subtle performances that stand out, particularly Ken Robinson as Bill, Nicole Powell as their mother, Josh Tower as the club owner whose place is the main scene of the action, and Rebecca LaChance as a white movie star who at first seems to be slumming for action but turns out to be a caring human being.”

Also check out these incredible production photos by Steven Rosen (more at Broadwayworld.com)




We’ve still got 4 performances left, so if you haven’t made it out to Signature Theatre’s Peter Norton Space, you better get there soon!

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