Big things for Central Avenue Breakdown!

We have had a huge, exciting week in the world of Central Avenue Breakdown.

After living in my post-show blues for a couple of weeks, I was thrilled to find out that CAB was being honored with 4 awards from NYMF as well as 2 honorable mentions! Huge congratulations to our composer Kevin Ray, our director/choreographer Christopher Windom, our music director Justin Hornback, and the amazing Rodrick Covington, who played Jim, on their awards. This show deserves every bit of recognition it’s gotten so far, and I’m so proud to have been a part of this labor of love.

Last night we all attended the NYMF Gala to celebrate these award winners as well as to perform “Woke Up Dead” from the show. It was a star-studded event and was a truly exciting night for all. Particularly because we learned that in addition to the awards we’d already been granted, Central Avenue Breakdown was selected as the NYMF representative at the 2012 Daegu International Music Theatre Festival in Daegu, Korea! That means we’ll all have the opportunity to perform our show live in Korea and on Korean television next summer. It is a HUGE honor and we were all jumping up and down backstage when we heard the good news.

I feel nothing but gratitude to have been blessed by every person involved in the CAB production and creative process. It was an experience unlike any I’ve ever had before, and I know this is only the beginning!

But now, I return to my more simple actor-life…babysitting, promotional work, and a lot of AUDITIONS! Sometimes I wonder why I’ve chosen this exhausting life for myself, but it’s nights like last night that remind me of the magic of this profession and of the beauty of the theatre world. Check out these great photos we got of the CAB team on the red carpet!





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