lucky sons!

GUYS! It’s really happening. My childhood dream of singing in a band had come to fruition over the past few months and I’m thrilled to say that my band, Lucky Sons, has our very first show this coming Monday, June 11.

This is a true labor of love for me and my bandmates, Emily Olson, Mark T Evans, and Jonathan Russ.

Emily and I got together in January, downtrodden and frustrated at the state of our careers and the challenges of the actor’s life. We decided we wanted something that was in our control, something creative and collaborative, and something fun…we decided to start a band!

It’s amazing for me now to think back to me and Emily in my Brooklyn bedroom, harmonizing to cover songs, as now the full band swells through original music on a slew of instruments and we face our debut show. Man, music is really something. MAKING music is something else.

Here are the details:

Lucky Sons PREMIERE Concert!

Monday, June 11 at 8pm

The Caulfield

119 E. 27th Street (between Park and Lexington)

F-R-E-E-!! No cover, no minimum, and happy hour prices all night long!

The bar is a great spot for our first gig, good people, DELICIOUS food (TACOS! GRILLED CHEESE!), and yummy drinks!

It’s sure to be a great way to start the week, and we would be thrilled to see friendly faces in the crowd. (And it’s FREE!)

Hope to see you there,


P.S. Check out some more of our band photos!

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