The reviews are in! And the post-show blues…

Well, we had another fabulous run of Central Avenue Breakdown  at NYMF! Countless audience members came up after the show encouraging us all with their kind words and sweet remarks about our performance. I suppose I can only speak for myself, but I felt like a million bucks after every show!

We got some fine reviews, as well. I’m so grateful to have been mentioned in a few,

“Among the returning cast members, Rebecca LaChance shimmers as Jane Brooks, the white singing star who becomes involved with both brothers sequentially.” -Robert Windeler for Backstage

“…excellent performances from Boone, Lawrence, and especially LaChance and Sargent, anchoring the proceedings with… raw feeling”” -Matthew Murray for Talkin’ Broadway

“Both the boys take their turn with bombshell singer and actress Jane Brooks (Rebecca LaChance)”

“Toss in a beautiful Hollywood movie star who can swing a tune like Anita O’Day for a love triangle and the racial prejudice of LA cops in that era for some simmering violence and you’ve got yourself a show….overall, her character and performance are stronger, with LaChance nailing the tricky changes on her swinging jazz number in act one with more confidence this time around. (She was always aces with her act two number “Unnatural Attraction.”)” -Michael Glitz for USMag

“a beautiful and talented white singer (Rebecca LaChance)” -Anita Gates for The New York Times

But now it’s over! I’ve already jumped back into the audition world and am trying to fill myself with pep for whatever project comes next, but my heart is heavy to say goodbye (again!) to these beautiful people and characters and this incredible story they’re all a part of. Central Avenue Breakdown isn’t like other productions I’ve been a part of; it is a true labor of love and it was created by a family of collaborators. My family! They all touched me so deeply in so many ways, and it’s sad to wake up in the morning and know I don’t get to see them every day!

That’s the theater world, though, isn’t it? Invest yourself and your life, and then say thank you and turn to the next. Boy oh boy. What have I gotten myself into?!

At least we’ll always have…Korea?




P.S. Check out these awesome production photos from our run in Daegu!






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