No more time to be blue!

Wow–after having that initial post-Central Avenue melancholia I am back into the swing of things and getting swept in every which way!

I’ve been participating in a very early, developmental reading/workshop of a new musical this past week which has been lovely and so rewarding; as if I did not already appreciate how awesome it is to work on a developing piece after two rounds with Central Avenue Breakdown, this reminds me again that new work is exactly what I want to be doing!

Helped out my friend, casting director Daryl Eisenberg, with monitoring an open call she had last weekend–how rewarding it is to see the audition world from the other side every once in awhile! I only hope I helped to make the process as smooth as possible for all of the auditioners..I got to watch a few groups of the dancers, and they AMAZED me.

Last weekend I also laid down a lil piece in a song by Marcos Sola as part of his Urban Lyrik project… basically, he’s merging opera and hip-hop, and the result is some pretty awesome tracks! Check out his website and listen to some sample tracks at More on that to come I’m sure!

Lucky Sons is getting back in action for some upcoming gigs…Emily and I will be playing a mini, acoustic (well, even more acoustic than Lucky Sons usually is…) set of our tunes at a fundraiser for Fat Fat Fatty, a new play by my friend Alex Kveton, at Lolita Bar this Wednesday, August 8th at 7pm.$10 cover gets you free food, drink specials, and fabulous performers like us! 🙂

And mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 22 when Lucky Sons will be performing as part of a Battle of the Bands at Kenny’s Castaways from 6-10. We wanna get out there and win this thing so we need all of you to come out and support! We’ll be bringing out some new tunes as well as some of the songs y’all heard in June. Big fun!

Other than all that, I’m dabbling in all kinds of little projects and keeping as busy as possible. Auditioning a lot, of course, and will keep you all posted!


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