The Hap, Happiest Season of All

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I LOVE this season. From Thanksgiving on, I love the beauty and cheer in NYC, I get to celebrate my birthday, and my days are always merry and bright. And busy too!

I had the pleasure of performing at the as-yet-unopened Cutting Room a few weeks ago in a fundraiser for a new play by Melisa Annis, and I had fun singing some songs from the new musical I workshopped this summer with Heidi and Stew and Yasmine Lever. The whole night was a blast, and the music was very well received.

It’s been a slow fall in the audition world but things are picking up and I’m working to reinvigorate myself; I am ready to be wildly successful and now I just need to make it happen! 🙂 I even went to a (gulp) dance call last week and didn’t embarrass myself. Baby steps.

This past weekend was one of my favorite all year: I had the incredible pleasure of performing with the Broadway by the Year Chorus alongside Debbie Gravitte, Norm Lewis, and Marc Shaiman in Debbie Gravitte’s All-Star Holiday Show! The event was a huge success and it was such a delight to sing with these broadway greats and my friends from Town Hall. We really got in the holiday spirit! Check out pics below!

I also had the immense pleasure of spending my birthday volunteering with Daniel’s Music Foundation, a music program I’ve been volunteering with since October. The program offers free music classes to any New Yorker with a disability. Working with DMF has really made a huge impact on my life and I so look forward to my Saturdays volunteering with the classes. This Sunday was the end of semester concert and I felt like such a proud parent watching my classes perform their pieces! I can’t wait for the next semester to begin again.

I hope this holiday season brings you and yours every joy. Oh! And because its only appropriate one month out of the year, check out my December Song. Wrote it last year, but this year it’s really resonating.

May we all have love all year round!




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