2013 is my year!

At least that’s the mantra I keep repeating!

But really, the year has been great so far, and I’m trying to keep up my positivity in this cold and blustery season. First things first: HOORAY for my team, the Baltimore Ravens, on their AMAZING Superbowl win! As my mom says, “It was their destiny!” In a very inspirational post-bowl email, she also encouraged me to turn all the energy I’d been sending to the team all season inward and use it to make MY destiny a reality! How astute, mama!

I’ve been really pushing myself with EPAs and chorus calls, and little opportunities are popping up here and there, which is exciting. I know the investments I’m putting in now are helping me to book work later, and that alone is a good motivator to get to work every day!
This week I had the great pleasure of playing Annabell in a on-your-feet staged reading of Fix Me, Jesus, a new play by Helen Sneed, at the Abingdon Theater Company. It was a real delight to share such an exciting and funny play with our audience and the process was also a thrill; I was brought in at the last minute to fill in for the lead actress and had only 12 hours of rehearsal to get myself prepared!

One of my resolutions this year was to give myself more performance opportunities, even if I’m not always cast in a show. A perfect solution is the wonderful Cast Party at Birdland hosted by Jim Caruso, which I sang at a few weeks ago (and which I’ve promised myself to attend monthly!). I did “Unnatural Attraction” fromĀ Central Avenue Breakdown and the incredible Kevin Ray was even so kind as to join me on the piano. I love keepingĀ Central Avenue around in my life, and I’ll take any opportunity to sing that music. We’ll actually be doing a private reading of new material for the production this week, and I can’t wait to see all my friends and get those words and characters back in the world.

So, that’s all the scoop for now, but I’m hoping there will be much more to say in the weeks to come!!



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