Goodbye, NYC!

Well, I accidentally missed almost two years of updating this blog…whoops!

Here’s the sparknotes recap:

— I had an amazing time with Mack and Mabel in Chichester and on our UK tour. In addition to the many joys of the cast and show, I fell in love with our production carpenter, JJ, and this month we celebrated our year and a half anniversary! (Is that a thing?)
— When I returned to the US, I had the pleasure of performing as Carole on the National Tour of Beautiful, and representing the show at promotional events all across the country. I racked up soooo many frequent flyer miles. Woohoo!
— I returned to my original track in Beautiful over the summer, and will be finishing my second run on Broadway in a few weeks.

And now, for the exciting news:

I’m moving to London at the end of February! After a long year of visa applications and life juggling, I’m thrilled to finally be able to take the first step in this new adventure. I’ve been in New York for almost 10 years, and while I will always love it and consider it a home, I’m excited for a change of pace and scenery.

Hopefully I will be better about updating this page with my career and life developments in the UK, and I look forward to sharing every new endeavor with all of you!


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