I really hate technology

Y’all I spent HOURS last week, HOURS!!! of my life learning how to do all these updates and customizations on my site and then gleefully shared a new blog update and social media posts about how it was all nice and clean for spring.

And then disaster struck and a variety of tech glitches and something I still don’t totally understand took the site completely OFFLINE and then had to restore to an older version…without all that work I had put in 😩 .

BUT! Let us look on the bright side: I’m 98% sure I’ve reinstated all those changes, and if I haven’t, well maybe they weren’t all that important to begin with.🤷‍♀️

I don’t have a ton to report, but one exciting life update is that I’ve been granted permanent residency here in the UK so am now officially an expat for good! It’s something that has been hanging over my head for so long (“what if I can’t stay!?”), so having that put to rest is a real relief.

Work-wise, I’m still plugging away in audition-land. I’ve been lucky to record some new video games over the last year that I can’t wait to share once they’re out in the world. I started teaching at MX Masterclass last fall and have enjoyed two great terms with my acting students; I look forward to continuing more teaching work as the year goes on.

One big goal for 2022 is to nudge my way into the audiobook world. As you may know, I LOVE reading (I did manage to make my 100 book goal for 2021) and working behind the mic, so it seems an obvious choice, really! I’ve recorded some narration demos which can be found over on my voiceover demos page.

Well, with each word I type I feel more stressed that this might all fall apart again, so I’m going to sign off now and save another website backup!

Sending love to you and yours,


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