July Behind the Mic

What an awesomely busy month it’s been, and the good news is: August looks to be no different!

the cover of Tune in Tomorrow by Randee Dawn featuring neon lettering, and an image of a TV with a woman's face appearing, behind the TV is a centaur drawn in neon.

I’m excited to say that since I last posted I’ve recorded my first two audiobooks, woohoo! The first is Tune in Tomorrow by Randee Dawn, an awesome fantasy novel that has elements of comedy, romance, and plenty of drama, as it’s all about a reality show that takes place “beyond the Veil” for the entertainment of the Fae! Voicing the over 50 (!) characters in this romp was such a treat, and I can’t wait to hear how people enjoy this debut novel – it’s out on August 16th and is sure to be a perfect beach read, so get to pre-ordering now!

The second book is The Bachelorette Party by Carissa Ann Lynch, a thriller that takes place at a New Orleans bachelorette party for a group of six women…only five of whom make it out of the weekend alive! I loved bringing these Southern gals to life and can’t wait to hear if readers can solve the case before it’s all revealed – it’s out September 2nd. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long before I’m back in the booth again for the next book!

I’ve also been busy behind the mic recording more video games, and I am THRILLED that I can finally reveal that I voiced Sena for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 which is out today! This was by far the biggest game I’ve ever recorded and I enjoyed every minute of bringing Sena to life in English (Miyuki Sato plays her in Japanese). Reviews for the game have been super positive, and the fandom for Xenoblade is astonishing – I’m so grateful for all the kind words and love they’ve already sent my way. Now I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks once they get to playing!

two images of Sena from Xenoblade Chronicles 3, one showing her in action heaving an enormous hammer, and a second of her posed with the hammer over one shoulder and one arm raised in greeting. Sena has light skin and blue hair with bangs and a side ponytail which turns into blue fire at the end. She wears a cropped black top with a cropped blue vest over it and short blue shorts with a black weapon belt. She also has black and silver arm bands/guards and her body has blue lines down the right and left sides connecting to a blue gem in the center of her chest.

Next month brings even more game sessions, and the return of Treason, this time at Drury Lane. I’m gnawing at the bit to be back in the room with all those wonderful folks and to finally get to share the show with a LIVE audience for the first time! We’ve sold out our Monday show, but a few tickets are still available for Tuesday 23 August, so don’t wait if you’re planning to get one.

Hopefully many more exciting things to announce in the months to come. Till then, keeping my nose to the grindstone and sending out plenty of positivity for a busy rest of the year.

Thanks for reading, sending much love!


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